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Lisbon to Setubal by train and bus

Setubal is a historic fishing port that makes for an enjoyable day trip from Lisbon. Setubal harbour is also the departure location for the ferries to the beautiful Troia Peninsular. Lisbon is the main gateway to central Portugal, with the country’s largest international airport and the hub for all intercity trains and buses. Setubal and Lisbon are connected by excellent public transport, which includes express buses and a direct railway. This guide will detail how to travel from Lisbon to Setubal by bus and train..

Praça de Bocage  Setubal

The Praça de Bocage is the heart of Setubal



Bus or Train from Lisbon to Setubal?

There are both frequent bus and train services between Setubal and Lisbon. There is not much to separate them, as they both have similar journey times (about an hour), comparable fares (€4-5) and an equal number of departures (at least one departure every hour during daylight hours – links to timetables are later in this article).

We personally prefer travelling by train to Setubal. The train journey is more relaxed and spacious, and is not impacted by traffic. The main advantage of the bus, is that Setubal bus station is much closer to the historic centre than the trainstation. For visitors new to Lisbon the train route (and certain bus services) cross the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge and the Tejo Estuary.

Praça de Bocage  Setubal

The TST bus to Setubal

Train from Lisbon to Setubal

The train line from Lisbon to Setubal is the only privately-operated railway in Portugal, and is run by the company Fergus. All other Portuguese train services are operated CP (Comboios de Portugal) the state-run organisation.

In Lisbon, the train to Setubal departs from the Roma-Areeiro station (GPS: 38.74571, -9.13516) and passes through Entrecampos (GPS: 38.74438, -9.148974), Sete-Rios (GPS: 38.74011, -9.16699) and Campolide, (GPS: 38.73240, -9.168364). The most convenient of these train stations is Sete-Rios, which is connected to the blue metro line by the Jardim Zoológico metro station (they are different stations but are linked by tunnels, and the connection is well signed)

A single ticket from Lisbon to Setubal costs €4.50 and is charged to the reusable Viva Viagem card. This is the same card used for the whole of the Lisbon public transport network, but annoyingly it can only store one type of ticket (metro/train/bus). The initial purchase of the Viva Viagem card is €0.50. A separate Viva Viagem card is required per passenger and the Fertagus railway is not included in the unlimited 24-hour public transport ticket.

As this is an urban rail service, seats cannot be reserved, and tickets cannot be pre-booked. Outside of rush hour, there is ample seats and there is sufficient space for luggage. Bikes can be taken onboard (if there is space, so avoid rush hour) and there is no extra charge.

The journey from Lisbon to Setubal takes under an hour. There are hourly departures to Setubal and the services start early in the day and continue late into the night. For the latest timetable please see the Fertagus website:

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Setubal is the final stop of the railway and the main train station is to the north of the city (GPS: 38.53104, -8.88491). It is 1km (14min walk) to Praça de Bocage (the main plaza of Setubal) or 1.3km to the catamaran ferry terminal called Cais 3 (GPS: 38.52059, -8.88927).

Lisbon to Setubal by bus overview

The Lisbon - Setubal bus service is operated by TST (Transportes Sul do Tejo). There are two express routes, either departing from the Praça de Espanha bus station (route 561) or Gare do Oriente (route 562). The bus from Praça de Espanha heads south across the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, while the Gare do Oriente route heads east from Lisbon across the Ponte Vasco da Gama bridge.

For both routes fares and journey times are similar. The Gare do Oriente is more convenient for passengers who are heading to/from the airport (as it is closer) or are based within the Parque das Nações area of Lisbon. For all other travellers, the Praça de Espanha is the better choice.

Praça de Espanha bus station (GPS: 38.73696, -9.15908) is connected to the blue metro line by the Praça de Espanha metro station. Referring to Praça de Espanha as a bus station is an over-statement, it is a collection of bus bays at which most TST buses stop at (it does not have a physical building and there are no facilities). The Praça de Espanha bus station is to the southeastern side of the large Praça de Espanha roundabout; if you are struggling to find it after exiting the metro head towards the Hotel Açores Lisboa.

Gare do Oriente (GPS: 38.767819, -9.10025) is a major bus/train/metro station, which is served by the red metro line and Oriente metro station. Gare do Oriente is the international bus station of Lisbon and the main train station for the capital, with services north to Porto and South to the Algarve. Gare do Oriente is a large bus station, but every company has its own set of bays, and the bus stand for Setubal will be indicated by a TST logo and departure number.

Bus tickets are purchased from the driver and a single ticket cost €4.45s. Both routes take around an hour, but this can be longer if there is heavy traffic (especially around the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge). The latest timetables can be seen on the TST website:

561 Route:

562 route:

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Setubal bus station is just to the north of the historic centre, on the Avenida 5th Outubro avenue (GPS: 38.52551, -8.88937), this is much closer than the train station.

The buses are clean and well maintained and provide air-conditioning. The Setubal Lisbon route is a popular commuter route with workers travelling into Lisbon in the morning and leaving at night, try to avoid these times, especially on Friday night.

Rede Expressos are the main intercity bus company of Portugal also provide buses between Lisbon and Setubal. These buses are more comfortable, and services are quicker but are more expensive with less departures. Rede Expressos buses depart Lisbon from Sete Rois bus station (same location as the train station discussed above) and more information can be found on their website:

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