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Lisbon to Sesimbra by Bus and Public Transport

Sesimbra is a pretty beach resort that is on the southern side of the Setubal Peninsular and the edge of the Serra de Arrábida hills. This is a region of stunning natural scenery and a popular holiday destination with the Portuguese.

Lisbon is only 40km to the north of Sesimbra, and this close proximity makes Sesimbra suitable for a day trip from the capital. This guide will detail how to travel from Lisbon to Sesimbra by public transport and includes details for visitors travelling directly from the airport (this is found at the end of the article).

coastline of Sesmibra

The beautiful Praia do Ouro beach, Sesimbra



Lisbon to Sesimbra by Public Transport

The only public transport from Lisbon to Sesimbra is by bus. There is no direct train to Sesimbra; there is a railway from Lisbon to Setubal, and then a regional bus from Setubal to Sesimbra, but this long route is impractical. The express bus service between Sesimbra and Lisbon is inexpensive, reliable and there are many departures during the day.

Lisbon Sesimbra tst bus

The bus service from Lisbon to Sesimbra is a regional TST bus

Sesimbra to Lisbon Bus

The Lisbon to Sesimbra bus service is operated by TST (Transportes Sul do Tejo, a DB bus company), and there are two routes, the 207 and the 260. There are more departures along the 207 route than 260, but both services depart and terminate from the same locations; Praça de Espanha in Lisbon and Sesimbra bus station.

The journey takes approximately an hour (55min - 207 and 65min - 260), but the listed times are a bit meaningless considering the heavy traffic south of Lisbon. The single ticket costs (€4.35), and is purchased from the bus driver, these tickets are not charged to the Viva Viagem (which is used by all other public transport in Lisbon).

Sesimbra bus station and ticket office

Sesimbra bus station and ticket office


Generally, there is one service per hour during working hours, with more departures Monday to Friday than at the weekend. The latest timetable will be posted at the bus station or can be seen on the TST website:

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Sesimbra castle

The hike up to Sesimbra castle is challenging, but the views are worth the effort

Bus Stations

In Lisbon, the bus service to Sesimbra departs from the Praça de Espanha bus station, which is more a collection of bus stops than a technical bus station. The bus station is connected to the blue metro line and the nearest metro station is the Praça de Espanha metro station. The bus station is to the west of the Praça de Espanha plaza and the exact GPS coordinates are 38.73664, -9.15989, close to the Hotel Açores.

In Sesimbra, the bus terminates at the Sesimbra bus station, which is just to the north of the town centre, on the Avenida da Liberdade. The exact GPS coordinates of the bus station are 38.44580, -9.09983 and it is only a 5-minute walk to the beach.

Lisbon Airport to Sesimbra

Lisbon airport is the main international airport of Portugal and the closest airport to Sesimbra. From Lisbon airport there are a number of different options to travel directly to Sesimbra:
• Taxi/Uber
• Pre-booked private transfer
• Public transport

A taxi hired from the arrivals lounge will be the most expensive, and due to the long distance it will cost more than €80. If you do take a taxi either agree on the price or use the meter; taxis from the airport used to have a reputation for conning weary tourists, but this has been clamped down on and rarely happens now. There is no shared transport to Sesimbra as there is simply not the demand.

Uber will be slightly cheaper than a taxi, but it will still be a comparatively expensive option. Also, it can be tricky finding the exact meeting point for Uber cars at Lisbon airport as they are not allowed to pick up from the arrivals hall.

A pre-booked transfer will be much cheaper than a taxi, and is a sensible option for families or groups heading to Sesimbra.
The most reliable and highest regarded (by people who live and work in Lisbon) transfer company is “B Up”. They operate smart, clean and safe cars and their drivers are renowned for being punctual. A transfer from Lisbon airport to Sesimbra costs from €35 (up to 3 people) and takes around 90 minutes, further information, along with bookings can be found on (link opens new window)

Cabo Espichel church

The Cabo Espichel church

It is possible to travel from the airport to Sesimbra using public transport, but the last departure is not very late (please see previous timetables). From landing, it takes a good hour to exit the airport and about 30 minutes to travel from the airport to the Praça de Espanha bus station.

Always factor in enough time for this journey; we would only suggest taking public transport to Sesimbra if your flight arrives before lunchtime. If you are arriving later than this either book a private transfer or spend a night in Lisbon.

The best method to travel from the airport to Praça de Espanha is by the metro. The airport is on the red metro line and Praça de Espanha is on the blue line, and a connection is needed at the São Sebastião metro station. The single metro ticket costs €1.45 and is charged to the reusable Viva Viagem card (€0.50 for the initial purchase).

Rental Car Advice

A rental car can be a great benefit during a holiday to Sesimbra and most visitors collect their car from the airport, just be aware of:
• The additional CDW insurance (approximately €15 per day), which covers the huge insurance excess (€800+) in the case of any damage to the car.
• Always check for damage before collecting the car (a much better inspection will always be done on the return)
• If you are planning to drive on the Portuguese expressways, always include an expressway toll transponder, as this is the easiest way to pay for the tolls.
• The airport heads onto one of the busiest roads of Lisbon, make sure you are familiar with your car before leaving the airport complex.

Lisbon to Sesimbra by Car

When on holiday to the Sesimbra region it is recommended to have a rental car. There is good public transport from Sesimbra to Lisbon, but the local bus network around Sesimbra is very limited.

Many of the main attractions are outside of the town limits and can only be visited with a rental car. Driving around Sesimbra is safe and hassle-free as the roads are good and empty. Driving in Lisbon is the complete opposite with busy roads, erratic drivers and no parking.

Driving from Lisbon to Sesimbra by car is simple. The journey time is only 35 min and follows good roads, once outside of the crowded roads of Lisbon.

The route exits Lisbon via the A2 and the Ponte do 25 Abril suspension bridge, this is a toll bridge but is paid only when travelling northwards and entering Lisbon. After following the A2 for 10 km of the route turns onto national highway N378, which leads directly to Sesimbra.

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