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Praia da Figueirinha Setubal

Praia da Figueirinha is one of the best beaches along the beautiful Parque Natural da Arrábida coastline. Figueirinha beach offers one of the largest expanses of sands within the region, while the waters are clean and safe, making them ideal for families.

The Praia da Figueirinha has a scenic setting as it is surrounded by the steep hills of the Serra da Arrabida, and the Parque Natural designation has ensured that any development is in keeping with the landscapes. The beach provides all the expected facilities of a popular tourist beach, including beach café/restaurant (Restaurante Bar Mar), parasol hire and lifeguard supervision (summer season only).

Figueirinha beach Setubal

Praia da Figueirinha is only empty at sunset…..

The only downside is that Figueirinha is very busy during the summer, especially at the weekends, when the residents of Setubal head to their better beaches. This means that the carpark quickly fills up and parking can be tricky.

There is a seasonal bus service (details later on) In summary, the Praia da Figueirinha is one of the best sandy beaches of the Setubal/Sesimbra coastline and is ideal for a day on the beach – just leave early to get a parking space!



What about the other beaches of the region?

There are more natural stunning beaches to the west of Figueirinha, but these tend to be much crowded (as they are smaller) and more difficult to travel to (no public transport and limited carparking). Generally, tourists take a picture (or selfie) of the Portinho Arrábida paradise beaches (Praia do Creiro, Praia dos Galapinhos and Praia dos Coelhos), and then head onto Praia da Figueirinha for the rest of the day on the beach.

Figueirinha beach Setubal

The lush forested hills of Serra da Arrabida overlook the beach

Heading in an easterly direction (towards Setubal) the seawaters are fed by the Sado estuary and are not as clean as the Praia da Figueirinha. The sea waters of Figueirinha have been awarded a Blue Flag and are routinely monitored for cleanliness.

For a full guide to the beaches of the Setubal region please click here.

Bus Travel to the Praia da Figueirinha

There is a seasonal bus service from Setubal to the Praia da Figueirinha, which operates from July until the end of August. Last summer (2017) there were four daily departures, and when the bus service is in operation more information can be found on the TST (Transportes Sul do Tejo) website:

(link opens new tab – use the route feature in the side window and search for “Praia da Figueirinha” if the service is not operating an error will be displayed)

Praça de Bocage  Setubal

The TST bus to the beach!

Praia da Figueirinha Tourist Information

Praia da Figueirinha is 7km to the west of Setubal, 20km east of Sesimbra and lies at the heart of the Parque Natural da Arrabida national park. The beach has wonderful views over the Tróia peninsular that lies on the opposite bank of the River Sado estuary while to the west is the Portinho da Arrabida head land.

There is lifeguard supervision during the summer season and this combined with the calm clean waters make Praia da Figueirinha suitable for children and families. At low tide a large sandbar emerges from the east end of the beach and this is popular for tourist to walk out on. Close by is a wooded park area that on the banks of a small stream and this is a popular area for picnics.

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